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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes, I Jog Barefoot.

 Who likes to jog? I know I do (When my bed doesn't entice me with its comfort.) But recently, I have been noticing a constant pattern whenever I go down my usual track, every single time; the trailing eyes of curious people on me. While I do love a bit of public attention, but even I feel pressured with this increasing affinity towards my not-so-daily routine. People, why stare at a guys leisurely doing his humdrum routine? Is it due to my fashion sense? (Yes, I have to admit; sometimes my shirt does not go with my trousers.) Or is the mere fact of ME even EXERCISING utterly shocking news to the world?

 Or is it because I jog barefooted?

 Yes, it’s true. I don’t jog with shoes. And yes, I go around school barefooted most of the time, out of laziness, plus the erstwhile lack of footwear, which I will elaborate another time. I wonder though, why do people tend to just assume that all quirky things are bad? Every time my friends see me walking around without shoes, they be asking, ‘Where’s your shoes, man?’ Normally I’d reply with an explanation, but when I get really tired of the questions, I just give them weird reasons. Either way, I get showered with bizarre ‘What-the-heck-are-you-spewing-out-boy?’ glances. Now, weary from all the agonising interrogation, I shall now give you ten reasons why barefoot running is good!

You’d have a sense of connectedness.
 Running with your shoes only allows you to feel the cool, refreshing air and eye candy. But barefoot jogging gives you a whole lot more – just think of it as shifting from 2D to 3D.

Strides are lighter.
 Ever feel like you jog too slowly sometimes? Try taking off your shoes – you’ll definitely feel the lighter and faster. Certainly advantageous when you’re trying run away from bullies and perverts.

Better landing guaranteed.
Footwear often tend to make people land on their heels. (Don’t ask me why. Just observe joggers.) And landing on heels is a big no-no. The correct way would be to land on the front and middle of your feet, and with your shoes, it won’t be comfortable.

You’d have a better posture.
 Running with your bare feet touching with the ground enables you to know whether your posture is correct or not. Contact of the ground will give feedback on how you to change your pose.

Give freedom to your feet.
 Notice how uncomfortable it is to have your feet movement restrained by your socks and shoes? I often find myself unconsciously trying to wriggle my toes, but to no avail. Jogging barefoot releases you from the burden of your feet binded by fabric. Be nice to your feet.

You’d be more alert.
 With bare feet, you’d be more vulnerable to sharp and dangerous objects lying idly on the ground, waiting to prick its victims to death. Your instincts would kick right in to avoid such an unfavourable fate.

Less stress will be exerted on your lower half.
 With running shoes, we tend to burden our ankles with our weight, which would heighten the probability of a sprained ankle. Bare feet lessens the possiblity of any leg injury, due to the better posture and lighter strides achieved.

Stronger feet.
 Our feet became too soft and weak, because of wearing shoes. Going barefoot increases our feet’s strength, though I warn you of the pain you have to endure the first few times trying this. But as they say: No pain, no gain.

It’s Fun!
 Jogging around with bare feet is very exciting! It reminds me of when I was still a child, running around outside without shoes and constantly worring my parents. Plus, it’s nice to have people look at you sometimes.

It’s also very, VERY cheap.
 How much did your fashionable, branded running shoes cost you? Now compare that price with your feet. Enough said.

 So there you have it, 10 perfectly good and logical reasons why barefoot jogging is good for you. I hope this would explain to every curious person why I do this stuff. For all you know, it might even become a trend in school! Right now, I have an appointment with my bed, so be seeing you soon!