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Monday, August 5, 2013

Taking a Look Around MARA College Banting (KMB)

vWhat’s up, people? I hope you had a lovely time cursing me for being very late with the updates. But hey, this time I actually have a plausible reason (There’s a first time for everything.). I have entered college. *cue low-quality clap track* Yes guys, I've embarked on a two-year journey on the International Baccalaureate programme, getting ever so close towards my dreams of flying overseas.

Now before we start, I’d like to show you a picture of a college:

 Isn’t it a beauty? The site practically screams high-class education with all the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment (Not to mention the exuberant price that comes along with it.). You’d wanna study there just by ogling the image, right? I wish I’d be able to study there too.

 What’s that you say? Don’t I study there, in that awesome-looking building? No no, you’re mistaken. I'm just showing you a picture of A college. Never said it was MY college. Power of sentence structures, guys, never underestimate it. No, THIS is my college:

School haters will suffer.
 I know, why does MARA College Banting look like a boarding school stuck in time? Well, that’s because it WAS a boarding school, MRSM Banting to be exact, before it died, allowing us to live on its remnants. And technically, we are categorised as a school.

World schoo: Someone's attempt of denying the fact

 But we’re a WORLD SCHOOL. One of the top ones in the world, as a matter of fact. So say what you want. Haters be hating. I be getting the best.

 Enough with the intro. Let’s get on with the tour:

This is the entrance to my beloved awesome college. It looks pretty grand in my eyes.

Here we have the ATM machine, one of the most visited spots in MCB, due to the fact that your money can dwindle very fast, what with all the costly textbooks and projects. It is situated at the entrance, and is used by students and outsiders alike.

 There are reports of paranormal sightings around the ATM. The description given by the locals is a female clad in white, from head to toe. Coincidentally, the hauntings occur around the same time as the conclusion of Isya' prayers.

 A better (?) picture of the academic block. For those of you who hasn't guessed, this is where the classes are. The seniors told me that the classrooms aren't permanent, and they'll change the positions after a while ('A change of environment', they claim). This actually one part of the block. The new section is...

 ... Right over here, next to the old one (Behind tree.) Unfortunately, my class is over in the old block, where there are only fans. The other architecture class (R13A), however, got placed here, so they are able to bask in the cool breeze of the air conditioner,all the while watching something on the brand-new TV. 
Think it's just luck, eh? Remember what I said about the changing of classroom positions? Well, it happened earlier this week, and not only did my class stay at the old building, the new class is SMALLER. Worst part is, we were one class away from making it into the world of air-conditioning and TVs. The other class, stayed in the same building. Proof that R13A was the mastermind behind this cunning plan.

 Here we have the main hall, which also doubles as a badminton court. The majority of the orientation week was spent here.

This is one of my favourite spots. It's at the 2nd floor, and it's peaceful during the evenings, compared to the concourse. Until I can find a more secluded place, this will be where I find peace and sanity.

There's some construction going on at the back. They say it's for the floating classes (Classes who do not have a fixed classroom.) Who is this 'they' that I keep mentioning? Ah, that's a secret.

The 1Malaysia plain.

This door here is located at the back of the small campus. It's current use is to pave the way to Narnia the nearest Ramadhan bazaar which is usually held during... You guessed it, the month of Ramadhan.

And this here is the BBQ thingy. (Sorry, I forgot what it's really called.) Can be used for any event. You need to book for usage. 'But I dunno how to BBQ!' Don't you fret, incompetent little child. For just a small amount of money (per person) Someone will prepare the whole feast for you~!

 When it's said like that, it doesn't seem fun, does it? It's nicer to try BBQing on your own. At least you can say you did it as you munch at the burnt products. As they say, money can't buy experience.

The Music Room. The Music Club frequently gather and practice here. It is advisable not to disturb them during practice. I learnt that the hard way. As usual.
This here is the recreation centre. You can play squash and ping pong, or hit the gym. 
*Gee, now that there's a free gym at a walking distance, there should be no excuses not to lift weights, right Ash? Right right rig-* Ahahaha, keep telling yourself that, brain.

Oh. Did I mention we have KFC here? See, even though we're situated in the middle of nowhere, we do have some nice things around the campus.

(Insert sound of hearts smashing into million pieces here)

 Now, off to the dorms~ The whole student body is divided into 6 blocks, with boys occupying Blocks A, B and C, and girls conquering Blocks D, E, and F. Of course, the 6 blocks are separated by a road, boys and girls on each side. Only our morality keeps us from going over to the other side and do the unthinkable.
That, and possibly an invisible force field that turns on at night.
This is Block C, a.k.a MY BLOCK. :D Looks very school-ish, no? 

My room's located at the first floor, right on the right side of the staircase.

Tadaa~ May I present to you my room! A room evidently made for only 1 tenant, it looks small in the photo. In real life... It's smaller. XD Oh, there is the option of choosing who you want your roommate to be, if you have someone in mind. Mind you, you are going to be stuck with them for TWO WHOLE YEARS, so it is wise of them to give us the choice. I was stuck between going with someone I know (There are two other people from my school), or just leave it to fate.
 I chose the latter. Alhamdulillah, I received a very nice roommate. :D :D :D

Still think it sucks to be here? Have a look at this:
Our clothes hang in mid-air! Pure awesomeness!
Does your place have it? :P
The playground: A place for us students to blow some steam
The start of a surprisingly long jogging track.
Softball and football field~

So, there you have it. I've shown you around a good part of my school college. This is where I'll be living for the next two years. A place in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest shopping mall being a half hour away. A place where the signal is bad. A place that feels just like school, having to call your lecturers 'teachers', and assignments 'homeworks'.
 Sounds bad, don't it? But look at the bright side; we'll be focused without any distractions, our eyes and hands won't be glued to our smartphones and laptops 24/7, and we'll still have our studying mood going on. Don't judge a book by its cover. Being here will bring out the best in us.

 To sum it up, this place is good for those who wanna study, and go far in life, distance and careerwise. It's bad for those who loathed their 12-13 years of school, and relished at the thought of freedom in college/university, but realised that their next two years will also be very, very school-like. But I assure you, this place is awesome.

 Oh, did I forget to mention? They're making a swimming pool here too. AWESOME.

 P.S: If there are any mistakes, please let me know. Questions are also welcome, but I've only been here for a month, so meh. I will probably upload more pics of the college. It'll depend on my ever-changing mood.

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  1. Oh well. I was hoping for a blog talking about Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang to pop-up anytime soon but to my dismay, no news -__- Thank you for this post though. It's given me a slap of realization that college life (with MARA) will still be the same as during my MRSM years. Oh bummer. Good luck with life Mr Stranger.