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For 2014, I decided to follow some of the 365 writing prompts given by The Daily Post. Check it out. It was recommended by a turtle (Don't ask.)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Malay and English: Manglish!

Manglish, one of the many special traits we Malaysians have~! :D It's sounds complicated, but it's just simply mixing the two languages together. Like, 'Nanti, we akan pergi sana together.', which means, we'll go there later. :D There are also made up words, basically translate directly from the Malay words.
'Together- gether' (Bersama- sama) or 'Where got?' (Mana ada?) are just a few examples that I know. It's stoopeed to do this kinda stuff, but it sounds cool~!!! :D
It's how Malaysian youths talk to each other these days. Sometimes I feel that it's OK to talk like this. I rarely do, though, because I might be a bit careless and speak Manglish to tourist! :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Slipper Thief

Hi, guys. How's you? :) Don't you hate it when people steal your slippers? Well, I DO. It's happened to me! ME! How can that be??? And worse... It's happened TWICE!!! Yergh...
Bet you're wondering how I found it, right? :) Well, I found it at the EXACT SAME PLACE I left it the day before. Yeah, I also found it there when it was missing for the second time. Sigh... Thieves these days. They just dunno how to hide stuff. D:

On the bright side, someone out there LOVES my slippers~! :D :D :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Milk and Cheese

I like cheese, but I hate milk. How stoopeed is that? :D But, I really can't help it. Every time I try to drink milk, I'll always think I'm drinking melted cheese. And then I suffocate. D: Have you ever met anybody with weird habits, or personality? Have you met anyone like me? I'd like to know so very much! :D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

SkyJuice~ D:

'What?' I asked my friend. He said he had been drinking skyjuice at the dining hall. Still puzzled, I repeated the same question. He stared at me as if he was talking to a plank, and smiled. God, how I hate it when he smiled like that. He then brought me a glass 'full of skyjuice'. I looked at it, thinking what is it gonna taste like? Maybe it tastes like the sky?

What does the SKY taste like?

I took a sip, not acknowledging the mischievous glint in my friend's eyes. Funny, something feels familiar. It tastes like plain water. Oh.

Skyjuice IS plain water. D:

Monday, February 14, 2011

New School, New Life

Hi people, how's you guys? I'm fine here. So, this is my first post from my new school. It's kinda OK here. Independently living in the boarding school. That's cool... I guess. Have to get used to it. Washing your own clothes, waking up at 5 in the morn. That's SO not me. ): I miss my friends... >3< So, I won't be updating as frequently as I was. So, be patient~! :D

K- Freaks In the New School~!

And just as I thought I've finally broken free from the Korean Fan Circle. D: There are KFreaks here too! Yargh! D: D: D:
But I don't mind. Who cares? :) I'm a KFreak too. :D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Divorce Case: My Pointa View~ :)

OK, this is REALLY gonna be my last post. I had extra time. I didn't know that. XD

---> Remember, this is from my pointa view, so don't get offended. If I am wrong in any way, please do forgive me, and do tell me, as I will change it soonest. :) <---

So, I'm gonna be talking 'bout this lil divorce case going 'round the Malaysian newspapers. It's 'bout a Chinese couple (Or ex-couple.) who is currently fighting for the custody of the daughter.

So, I have read their point of view on today's newspaper. Personally, I think that the dad, Low, should have the custody of his daughter, Bi- Anne. Because:

1) He has taken care of Bi-Anne for 'bout 'ten years', as said by Bi-Anne.

2) Bi-Anne wants to be with his father.

3) I don't think it's reasonable to leave your daughter for eight years just to be in London to pursue your career. So why should she, Tan, do that?

But, one thing I am sure of is that: THEY ARE BOTH AT FAULT. You have a kid, and you wanna divorce? That is not good. D:

Last Post For the Time Being...

Hey people, this is gonna be my last post for a period of time. Going off to boarding school tomorrow. Yeah... So, don't expect me to update for a long, LONG while. Unless something happens and I am allowed access to the computers there. :) Which, since it's a boarding school, with AIR CONDITIONING~ (You can't find that at most schools here! XD), there will be... I hope. And I think I have to find myself a partner. For the blog, of course. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick in Bed...

Hi people, just gonna say that I'm sick in bed. ): Vomited all night long. D: D: D: So I ain't gonna post what I did yesterday, today. I'll do it tomorrow.
Right now drinking 100 Plus. It's good for my condition, says the doc. Still can't believe it, but who cares? I get to drink fizzy drinks on doctor's permission! :D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

On the First Day of CNY: The Advantages and DISadvantages~! :):

I hope you people, celebrating Chinese New Year are having fun out there, wherever you guys may be, Malaysia or other parts of the world~! :) Even though I am not a Chinese, there are advantages of the festive season for me, and others. :D Like:

1) Your nearest amusement park (For me, that'll be Sunway Lagoon.) will be less crowded. More fun for us~! :D

2) Your place will be more lively. Mine sure is~ :)

3) More chances to get money. XD

But with advantages, there are DISadvantages to come along. I've learnt one thing after today, and that is to never, EVER go shopping at Sunway Pyramid on the first day of CNY. ): Half the shopping mall's closed. Sigh... What am I gonna do 'bout it? D:

And what I've learnt at Sunway Lagoon:

1) Tourists are nice people. :)

2) Scream Park is nice~! And screamy~ :D

3) I need more time to visit all the parks. D:

4) Bring camera next time. D: D: D:

Oh well, that's it for today~! Get on with your life, people! Enjoy your hols, while you still can! Don't regret it, and go,'Oh, why the ___________ (Fill in the blank with your fave word.) did I waste my holiday!?'

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

After the Trip~ :D Plus the Pics!

Hi there~, how was your day? So, where did I leave yesterday? :)

Oh, yeah, the sushi shop. :D Well, pretty much nothing happened after that. We went back home right after eating. (Sad... I wanted to go 'round. D:) The best part was when we got together all our money and had our heads dizzy by trying to figure
out how much change each of us needed.
Eh, don't think we're dumb. We all aced our Maths! It's just that I got confused when they explained the problem to me! XD

Then, we just walked 'round the neighborhood for an hour or so, before stopping at the playground with a special guest appearance! :D

In case you dunno, this is the special guest: Kennard~! :D

We all played 'round and took pictures with my camera, and gossip, gossip, gossip! :D Well, it was just a casual chat, but to me, this is the closest I got to my class's 'Gossip Centre'! :) It's been a long time... I miss 2010. Wait, let me have a moment
please... *Wipes tears off face* ;'( But life goes on, whether you're prepared or not.

And so that's the end of my excitingly weird trip. With guys. XP ;D Happy Chinese New Year people~! :D :D :D
- Images~ -
(Might not be much, but it contains MEMORIES. Handle with care. :))

My two friends, from left: MJ and Chock!
Daniel~! :D
Mochi, mochi, mochi~ :3 Yummy yum yum! :D
Casual chat. ;)

Lastly, to all the Beliebers out there. This is gonna happen if he touches Malaysian ground. I'm sorry if you think I'm joking.
As you can see, his face is wrecked, and neck half ripped. :D I don't think this'll happen to him. Just black eyes and bruises. :)