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Friday, November 25, 2011

A 'Class' Trip to KL. :)

Kuala Lumpur. That's where me and my class went on Thursday. Well, 'class' in this case is defined as being a group of seven teenagers. Practically 1/6 of the whole class. And to think, it was discussed for TWO WEEKS.

Well, as you know (Or not.), Kuala Lumpur is the capital of West Malaysia. It is the home of the

Petronas Twin Tower. :) If you knew that know, congrats, you just learnt something new. :D The rest, you will have to Google it. Or better yet, just click here. (It leads you to the best essay website.)
Things That Tourists (Or People Wanting to Go There) Needs to Know:
- The bridge connecting the two towers (Found at Level 41 and 42) is under renovation until some time in December. So, if you want to go there this month, don't bother.
- Go to Aquaria, if you are a fan of fishy lil things (Plus bugs, snakes and gigantic sharks.) A two
floor wonder, this place will guarantee lotsa fun for the whole family! (If you bring your family. If not, then with whoever you're with.)
- If you are a local, bring your IC to get entrance discount! :)
- If you don't like aquatic creatures, but love to swim in the water, bring your swimming suits, coz there's a public pool just a few meters away from Aquaria~! :D
- You are not allowed to take pictures in the KLCC Suria shopping mall. Don't ask me why, I dunno either. ._____.
- If you're planning to take a train to and from KL, do not take it during the rush hour. Unless you want to experience the life of sardines in a tin. Suggestion: Go at 2, leave at 8. :D

I'd talk 'bout my experience with my friends in KL, but then I thought, 'Nah, I won't post it, coz it's too special for everyone to see for now.' If you really wanna know, it was fun, and funny, and crazy. Best time of my year~ Especially on the train back home. XD Read the others' point of view, coz you won't get mine~! :D (Such as here, there, and maybe this one.)

A message to the rest of the class. :D

Anyhoos, this trip has inspired me to make a comic strip, so here it is~!!! Enjoy! :D :D :D

- JAM -

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Year End Hols~!

Finally, the time of year students all over Malaysia has been waiting for! HOLIDAY!!! Which obviously means fun, fun, and MORE FUN! (Seriously, in my dictionary, holiday means fun.) I'm sure many are enjoying their lives to the fullest, especially the lil ones. Of course, the Form 5ers still have SPM on their minds, and the Form 4 kids are worried 'bout next year. Since I've got a lot of free time on my hands now, I'll try to update more often, though that may not be since I'm lazy. :P So... That's it at the moment. I'm glad you wasted your time reading this. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Surgeries and a Week Off~!

Hiya, guys, missed me? Probably didn't, right? XD Sorry it took so long for me to update, but I was busy with the end- of year- exams and crappy nonsense. Plus, I had surgery. :) So, if you don't mind, I'm gonna be talking 'bout it, since someone I know requested for this awesome, once in a lifetime experience! :D

So, I had surgery on my left chest two days ago (Which was Tuesday.) And I, as usual, was freaking out, since it was a first. Even though it was just a minor surgery, I couldn't afford to calm myself down. Especially over the fact that it's being done when I'm KNOCKED OUT. O.O Goodness, who knows what they did to me. So, went in at 'round 8. Last thing I saw was the surgery room. Blink. Darkness. Open eyes. New place~! MAGIC. :D The people there were funny. Made fun of me, all of them. .____. Even my dad. That sucks. XD There was a drain attached to my body. At the end of it was a water bottle. To collect the bloody liquid in my chest.

Yesterday, we went to Bukit Tinggi (Tall Hill) Shopping mall to buy me a tight shirt (Because we needed to hold the plaster in place.) And people were like, what is that red liquid inside that water bottle? Seriously. And I was like, it's syrup. :P Stare all you wantlah, as long as it doesn't hurt me (And it doesn't disturb me while I'm playing drum game.)! With a smile on my face.

Like this. ----------> (:

So, I pretty much spent my whole day walking 'round and going against my inner self's screams to rest in bed. When I'm bored, since I can't cycle, I go annoy other people by SMS (You know who you are!) I'd like to take a moment to say thank you for putting up with my texts and shenanigans, guys. :)

Today, I saw my chest for the first time since the surgery. Freaky. It's DENTED. Like a crater. Turns out the fat was pushing the muscle. So now have to wait for the muscle to grow. XP Plus, I found out that my doctor took out TOO MUCH FAT. O.O Doesn't she know how long I had to suffer to collect that much? Now she goes and take too much! Aiyoo... XD

In the end, I had to use the drain thingy for a longer time! XP So, who do you think's gonna be shining like Gaga at my cuz's wedding tomorrow?

(Answer: Me.)

So this is me, signing out. :D

P.S: If you happen to see a guy wearing a dark blue, long sleeved swimming shirt, with a long bloody tube from his torso going to a bloody water bottle on his trousers, don't hesitate to come
up and say hello. :) :) :) Will add photo to help you guys. Right now, my lil helper is sleeping. ;)

Update: Taken yesterday night. Lil bro, being the awful paparazzi he is, failed to take a clearer shot. :) This'll have to do for now.