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Friday, January 3, 2014

Ushering In a New Year with A Letter


 Yeah, I know it's 4 days late. But hey, better late than never, I always sometimes rarely say. So how was the past few days for you all? I had gotten a friend's confession (Bromance, yeah~!) and catzoned within first two hours of the year, so I can say I had a pretty awesome start. It's different from all the 18 other 1st Januarys I had so far. (Of course, all of them are unique in their own way, but meh.)

 This year, I decided to start the year in a different direction. Instead of just ushering 2014 lazing about and grumbling about the distant fireworks, I thought it'd be nice to write a letter to someone special.

Handwritten letters are not my forte.
 Ha, gotcha. You'd really think I have a significant other? If so, then may your wish come true. Yeah so, I decided to write a letter to my future self. Scribbling down questions and hopes so I can answer them when the year gives way to 2015. Why did I write a letter until 2AM, resulting in the anxiety of a mother who woke up to find her son doing something silently in the wee hours of the day?

 I am not really sure myself. Probably it was the desire of walking down memory lane as I read the letter in a year's time stirring up in me. I just had the idea in my head out of nowhere. But writing down what I wanted to achieve in a year's time to myself did boost my spirit, even if it's just a little. It was partly due to not wanting to be ashamed of my past self.

 I know. Other people would just write down their goals and stick them on the wall where they could see it 24/7. But where is the fun in that?

While carrying out this project of mine, a thought crossed my mind. "Hey, it'd be nicer if there were others joining in this plan with you." And now here we are. I would like it if you, the awesome reader of this blog, wrote a letter to your future self. It'll be fun, I promise. And you won't be alone, for I am here, so you wouldn't feel bad about yourself should people call you a freak for doing so. Write your letter any way you want. Just as long as it's readable, and will be able to last a full year without disintegrating into tiny atoms.

 Tell me if you're also doing this; just write a simple note in the comments. Or any other ways possible, if you know me personally (I hear telepathy is the rage now.)

I'll be looking forward to hear from anyone.

Yeah, it doesn't have to be handwritten. You can type it out, fine by me.

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