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For 2014, I decided to follow some of the 365 writing prompts given by The Daily Post. Check it out. It was recommended by a turtle (Don't ask.)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 Items I Would Grab From A Burning House

First of all, I would like to say that the original title in the writing prompt was a bit different.

The funny thing is that the prompt title instructs and assumes that I would willingly burn down my house.

Gee, thanks, writing prompt. At least I can prepare myself in case it ever happens, not that I wish for it to be, good heavens no. Let’s start.

1) Identification Records
 I’m assuming a majority of you would dash for your shiny electronic gadgets at the slightest hint of danger, because we all know how social media is our life, and how we would die painfully should our social connections be severed by raging fire. I understand perfectly; I’m an addict. But if I were to think it through, it’d be a wise decision to save your documents (Birth certificates, identification cards etc.) first, because your life depends on your identity. And if you have no proof of whom you are, then YOU DEAD. :O Your life would probably be a struggle, seeing as how humankind nowadays is very much paranoid and sceptical with identities. It’d be hard to find a job, education, you get the gist.

2) Wallet
 Money logically comes after identification. Because...

Nothing in the world is free.
                                 – Someone who apparently has to pay to breathe air

 But seriously, you need these colourful papers to trade it for food and shelter, in other words, survival. You can always steal, but y’know, morals and so on.

3) Phone & Laptop
Yeah, there are two items in one. Hey, for all you know, they might be at the same place when the house burned down. *shifty eyes* Well, like I said before, gadgets are very important in at least my life, if not everyone’s. I thrive off online gossip and mindless chatter. I crave for social interaction. My hand feels lonely without my phone constantly glued to my palm.

Oh, and my work is stored in my lappy. I guess that’s a more plausible reason to save them.

4) Box of Memories
 Technically, my box of memories does not exist (yet), but thinking about all the small trinkets of the past I would be losing to the self-inflicted flames, I might as well stuff all of them in one container. Yesh, I am a sentimental person. I cling on to memories very dearly.

5) Books
I am a book lover. Must I elaborate on how I would do anything to keep my books?

So I guess that’s 5 items that I would save from my burning house. Truth be told, I never expected my books to be in the list. .___. I shall now have a day to look around the house and ponder about things that I could’ve saved from the fire.

So ask yourself: What would you grab from a burning house?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Ushering In a New Year with A Letter


 Yeah, I know it's 4 days late. But hey, better late than never, I always sometimes rarely say. So how was the past few days for you all? I had gotten a friend's confession (Bromance, yeah~!) and catzoned within first two hours of the year, so I can say I had a pretty awesome start. It's different from all the 18 other 1st Januarys I had so far. (Of course, all of them are unique in their own way, but meh.)

 This year, I decided to start the year in a different direction. Instead of just ushering 2014 lazing about and grumbling about the distant fireworks, I thought it'd be nice to write a letter to someone special.

Handwritten letters are not my forte.
 Ha, gotcha. You'd really think I have a significant other? If so, then may your wish come true. Yeah so, I decided to write a letter to my future self. Scribbling down questions and hopes so I can answer them when the year gives way to 2015. Why did I write a letter until 2AM, resulting in the anxiety of a mother who woke up to find her son doing something silently in the wee hours of the day?

 I am not really sure myself. Probably it was the desire of walking down memory lane as I read the letter in a year's time stirring up in me. I just had the idea in my head out of nowhere. But writing down what I wanted to achieve in a year's time to myself did boost my spirit, even if it's just a little. It was partly due to not wanting to be ashamed of my past self.

 I know. Other people would just write down their goals and stick them on the wall where they could see it 24/7. But where is the fun in that?

While carrying out this project of mine, a thought crossed my mind. "Hey, it'd be nicer if there were others joining in this plan with you." And now here we are. I would like it if you, the awesome reader of this blog, wrote a letter to your future self. It'll be fun, I promise. And you won't be alone, for I am here, so you wouldn't feel bad about yourself should people call you a freak for doing so. Write your letter any way you want. Just as long as it's readable, and will be able to last a full year without disintegrating into tiny atoms.

 Tell me if you're also doing this; just write a simple note in the comments. Or any other ways possible, if you know me personally (I hear telepathy is the rage now.)

I'll be looking forward to hear from anyone.

Yeah, it doesn't have to be handwritten. You can type it out, fine by me.