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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Comics, Why They Are Good For the World~!!!

Earlier in the year end hols, my mom, who was driving, in some random moment, turned to me and said: ‘Why do you like to read comics? It’s not good at all.’ I, an avid comic fan (And an overemotional brat), felt very much offended. So much so that my mom noticed my devastated face, tried to soothe me. The conversation went pretty much like below:

MOM: Don’t take it personally. I don’t read comics, so I don’t really know.

ME: Yeah, well, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. YOU taught me that.

MOM: That’s why I’m asking you. What’s so good about it?

ME: Uh… (At this moment, I knew my reasons, but I couldn’t explain it in the language my mom, as well as most adults speaks.)

MOM: So, you should take this as your yearend assignment. Give me ten reasons why comics are advantageous to youth nowadays.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and here we are now, with me giving you information you could use to counter your parents’ ramblings about comics being some kind of disease towards mankind.

Reasons to Love Comics:

  1. 1) Comics have the same elements as what a novel would have. That includes character development, setting, plot, theme, point of view, conflicts, climax and so on. Get what I’m saying?
  2. 2) It also has built–in clues to help readers understand the story better. Since comics are visual, even if the dialogues are hard to understand, there are diagrams supporting the comprehension of the tale.
  3. 3) Comics have a wider age-range than other reading devices. There are more comics that entertain young and old alike than books.
  4. 4) Comics amuse people visually, especially kids. Why, you ask? It’s simple: CHILDREN LOVE PICTURES. :D
  5. 5) Most adults want their kids to be reading books. If your child does not even have the slightest interest in books, one advises you to let them read comics. It is proven that comics attract youth to reading. Think of comics as a stepping stone. Your kids will be begging you to buy books.
  6. 6) Comics also influence children to be more creative and artistic.
  7. 7) Plus, if used right, comics can be used as an effective education device! From experience, it is proven that what you learn can be memorized easier and stay in your head longer if lessons aren’t so boring. By reading educational comics, which is an interesting way to convey messages to kids, it would stay in their minds for a very, VERY long time (Or until they need the info for an exam).
  8. 8) Not only that, comics also have a wider range of selection! Yeah, most parents would be shocked ‘bout that, but it’s true. Every month, there are lots of new comic materials out in store. It’s certainly way faster than the release of new books. Take that.
  9. 9) Did you know that comics need a different reading strategy than novels? Since comics are just dialogues and illustration, readers need to rely on both and conclude what is not written. Simply put, it gives us a chance to find out extra info.
  10. 10) People need variety. In a reading diet, one cannot possibly live purely on words. Explore the imaginary world the comics offer.
  11. 11) Most of all, comics are FUN! Reading does not have to be so dull, right? :D

Oh, I gave one extra tidbit, didn’t I? Oh well, it strengthens my claims that comics really are good. :D Just wait ‘til my mom sees this~! :D :D :D

Just don’t get too addicted to it. :) It might mess up your life (Not to mention your book rack.)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rachel Crow and the Disney Dilemma

Have you people heard of Rachel Crow? She was in X Factor USA (Wait, have you actually heard of X Factor USA?) Well, she's 13 and she has an awesome voice. :)
And she got kicked out of the show.
It pretty much caused a ruckus last week, when America (And other like me who couldn't watch it live) saw her breaking down onstage after the results came out. And so did Nicole whatshername (Sorry, I could never spell her name right.), because she was the cause of Rachel's downfall. Then it turns out it was actually Paula Abdul's fault. It's so complex. :D
The girl with awesome voice, Ms. Rachel Crow~

Oh well, back to topic. Rumours were spreading 'round that Disney, upon hearing of Crow's elimination, snatched the chance of getting her into the Disney bandwagon. If she accepts, then she'll be up there with the alumnis, (Like Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato) guiding her, probably.

But there's the problem. You guys heard of the controversies these Disney stars have, right? Miley Cyrus's problems with wanting to show her maturity in the most disgusting way ever, and dont get me started on Lindsay Lohan's prob. I'm not saying Disney's to blame for this, but by now Disney has a bad reputation of turning sweet lil boys and girls into people who have no shame. I just don't wanna this girl to become like them too.

Well, if she takes the offer, I'm happy for her. Just as long as she doesn't turn into celebrity whores. :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rising Sun's Language Moment of Truth~

Hi guys, sorry for the late update. :) I was a tad busy. So... Last week, I had to do something that no other students would dare to do at this time of the year. Going back to SCHOOL. *Insert gasp* WHY IS THAT, I hear you ask (If you didn't, then I'll imagine it.) I had to revise for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It's basically a three-paper exam. Don't ask whether I passed or failed.

Well, from Thursday 'til Sunday, we had classes to make sure we remember the basics. Well, awkward thing is, I couldn't remember half of it. That's because I NEVER LEARNED IT. D: Hahaha~ During the day, we learn. During the night, we play 'round! We've been watching Thai horror movies, such as Shutter and Phobia 2, plus NangNak and Grave Encounters. :D And when the scary piles finished, we turned to Korean reality shows, Running Man! :D

The nationwide exam was held at the Confusian Private School in KL. Mine was, unfortunately for my cheaterfriends, held in a gigantic hall. This year's exam was pretty much harder than the last, as even the ones who had taken it before felt it was torture. As for me, a first timer, I couldn't care less. My achievement has been succeeded; to get experience to further ready myself for the next time. :)
For those who have been thinking all these time why I hadn't updated this a few days back, it was because of this:

I had this idea during the time spent at school last week, and was hell bent on finishing it. Enjoy~! :D :D :D