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For 2014, I decided to follow some of the 365 writing prompts given by The Daily Post. Check it out. It was recommended by a turtle (Don't ask.)

Monday, November 29, 2010

OK, Reflections of the Day~!

OK, today's topic will be 'bout Malaysia's lifestyle! Well, to put it in my own words, Malaysia is kinda unique. But then again, everywhere has it's own uniqueness~ :) From what I've heard, Malaysia is unique because of the harmonious unity of the three main races, Malay, Chinese and Indian, and other subraces. But what I really like is the various types of food~!!! :D 'Roti Canai', chinese fried rice, naan bread... Ooh, just thinking 'bout it makes me hungry! I'll be back with this topic later! With some pictures~! Time for dinner! :D :D :D

- ComiComi -

Saturday, November 27, 2010


You people out there, please comment! I wanna know how to make this bloggythingy better~!!!! :D :D :D


You people out there, please comment! I wanna know how to make this bloggythingy better~!!!! :D :D :D

Random Rules of the Day!: No. 1

I will be starting rules for people who are bored enough with their life. :D So, no. 1 will be:
ALWAYS BRING A SPOON WITH YOU. You never know when your friend buys something to eat. Like an icecream, probably a J.Co Couple with Oreo biccies and... Um, grapes. :D



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Reflections of the Day!

Today's main topic is about girls. :) There are many types of the female human... Such as the 'neverstopchasingdream' type. A good example is my friend, R. She is in love with a guy, and still is, after getting rejected. She has rejected many boys' proposal just because of her loved one. What I learned from her is that we should never give up on what we really want.

Another type is the motherly/advising figure. Generally, girls are better than boys in this role. They are easier to talk to, they listen well, and they give good advice for our problems. I learnt this through my friend, K. She has been patient with my constant complaints and rants about my life and it's problems, and I respect for helping a frustrated guy like moi! :D

So, what I'm trying to say is that girls are better than boys in some ways. While they aren't usually better than boys in physical activities, they make up for the emotional. :)

- ComiComi -

The Woes of a Doctor Who Fan

Hi, it's me again. I am very sad. Very, VERY sad. I bought Doctor Who Seres 5, all the way from UK, and got it recently. It was a pretty nice feeling, taking it out of the box.

And then, I realised... I needed a BluRay player~!!! This sucks~!!! ToT Who has a BluRay player???

Oh, and a Happy 47th B-Day, Doctor Who~!!! :D :D :D
Happy B-Day
Happy B-Day Happy B-Day
Happy B-Day Happy B-Day
Happy B-Day Happy B-Day
Happy B-Day

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ask Me~!

Hello, people~! Since I've nothing to do over the hols, I might as well have a 'Ask Aunty' kinda thing. :)

If there is anyone with any problems in life, they can come to me for advice~! Not sure whether my advice will help, but at least I tried~! :D

- ComiComi -

Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Moments

I will now have a moment of wackyness~


OK. Now for 'Riddle of the Week'~! :D :D :D

An old man wanted to leave all of his money to one of his three sons, but he didn't know which one he should give it to. He gave each of them a few coins and told them to buy something that would be able to fill their living room. The first man bought straw, but there was not enough to fill the room. The second bought some sticks, but they still did not fill the room. The third man bought two things that filled the room, so he obtained his father's fortune. What were the two things that the man bought?

Guess. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Day at the flipping Hair Studio~! D:

Hiya, people~! Today has been... Uh... Eventful for me. Today was my first encounter with the Hair Studio~!!! O______O!!!

Weelll~ It was an unforgettable one. :( It was shinier than the usual barber shop that I normally go to. :) The chairs' were so comfy~. The place was spotless~

And then, came the horrible part.

The guy was putting on these hairclips on my head randomly~ He kept messing with my hair!!! O___O I was very, VERY uncomfortable by the fact that his fingers were running through my hair multiple times~! But the end result was nice. I might go there again sometime. :)

- ComiComi -

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Great Holiday Depression

A happy Saturday to you people out there! :) Right now, I'm in my house, dealing with what I call...

'The Great Holiday Depression.'

Hehehe... Me and my friends are in this situation. We're very bored, and stuck at home. Nothing to do... But fear not, people! I, ComiComi, will be coming up with new stuff and topics~!!! Muahahahaha~! >:D

- ComiComi -
This is a random picturethingy I made for... Um... I forgot. XP
But this is made by me. Of course it's made by me, or else I wouldn't be uploading this picture!
Please comment. :D

My Christmas Wishes

Well, Christmas is a few weeks away, and even though I don't celebrate it, I think it would be nice to have a list. :D See it, and I hope Santa would make it come true~!

My Christmas List:
1) A chance to meet Doctor Who (Impossible, ain't it? :D)
2) A GIGANTIC house! ( Umlikely. Can't fit Santa's bag. XD)
3) World peace~ (This is going to come true~)
4) A trip to Japan. (My dream~)
5) Be with my family and friends~!

So, I hope my wishes will come true. Hope you see this, Santa~!!! :D

I am Bored

Dear readers,
Right now, as I am writing this, I have no idea what to do for my end-of-year hols. :(

So if any of you even cares to read this, you guys are very, VERY caring! :D Please help me and suggest what I should do. Please. I am VERY DESPERATE!!! D:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tackling Racism!

Hello there, and happy 4th November to you people out there! :D It’s been a long time since I’ve last updated my blog, (I’ve been a very busy teen! >_<) and I haven’t had any interesting topics for a while. So today, I’ll be talking ‘bout a growing problem in Malaysia, which is racism. And before I start, I would like to mention that I am sorry if I have said anything offensive to people in this article. J

Now, I think you all know what racism is. If not, I’ll explain. Racism is basically insulting one another’s race intentionally. Got it? J Good. A few days ago, I had talked to one of my friends’ sis, ‘round her 20s, ‘bout... Well, random things. She’s a Chinese, and I’m Malay. So, as we were talking, she had warned me not to come to her house anymore, because of them not liking Malays. There I was, wondering why my friend can accept me, yet the rest of the family cannot? I found out that they hate what they call ‘pure breed Malays’ for the treatment they gave her at college. :O

I am shocked. I really cannot believe what has been going on. I never knew Malays can go for tertiary education with low grades, just because they are Malays. Right now, we’re all talking ‘bout 1Malaysia, equality between all races in Malaysia. And yet Malays have all these special privileges, giving them easy entrance to the places where the other races are working hard to get a spot in. Isn’t it unjust to the Chinese, Indians, and other races who are trying their very best? No wonder racism occurs. ToT

All these times she experienced in college really had a great impact on her. Her hatred of Malays grew as time pass. ;( It feels sad to think that it was because of other people, we all are being hated.

So, right now, I promise that I will try to make the world better for the next generation! Even though I can’t change the whole world (That is impossible for a guy like me!), I can still change peoples’ perspective, little by little. :D So, I hope for you reading this at the moment, to help me fight racism, and make the world a better place.