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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Giving In Ain't Defeat

 Hello there, people. I’m on a month-long break from the hectic college life. And you know how the average day is like when you’re on holiday: Wake up, pray, eat, take a nap, stare at your phones and lappies, not focusing on the telly, being cooped up at home, scared that the sunlight will burn your pale skin. What, your day’s not like that? Lucky you. I’m imprisoned in my own home. It’s not my family’s fault. My friends are just not on holiday like I am. And I'm just too lazy to go out on my own. Besides, being with family ain’t so bad. We bond over game nights.

You can really feel our bonds strengthening. RELATIONSHIP LVL UP

 And one of the things I have to bear with is Mom’s pearls of wisdom. Usually I’d just nod along to whatever advice she throws randomly. But most of them, if not all of them is very much helpful. Like that one time out of countless other moments my little brother and I scrambled for the front seat of the car. Yes, I know it’s childish. My mom noticed the disastrous scene breaking out and decided to pull me slowly out of the scuffle, letting my little brother enter. My heart was boiling, especially when I saw him sticking his tongue at me. I stared at my mom, waiting for an explanation.

 She said: ‘You’re 18 already. Just give in to your little brother. It doesn't mean you lost. It just means you’re thinking of others.’

 Now, I didn't read much into her counsel, because I was so full of emotions. But for the past few days, I finally see what she meant. To tell you the whole story in detail would probably take 2 to 3 pages, so I’ll just sum it up. One of my circles of friends is in what you can call ‘a negotiating period’ over a project. I became the middle person (I felt obliged to do so.) And what I witnessed was touching. One thing you have to know was that the main reason the group split into two very VERY stubborn sides was because of the disagreement of the location. And one girl, L was very enthusiastic over the initial location.

 But she decided to let her wish go, for the sake of unity. She was willing to change location, just so everyone would be in this together. ‘Oh, it’s just a small thing.’ I hear you sigh. I don’t consider a feeling of excitement and dreamy wonder to be a small thing. To give up something you wanted so badly for somebody else is not a foolish matter. My mom’s words vibrated in my mind. She was very mature in handling this problem.

 And now, I shall leave you a quote to ponder upon:

Giving in to people is not a sign of weakness. If it’s for a better future, it is an act of selflessness.

 Neat, huh? Wanna use it, cite it back to yours truly. Yes, I created it. Is it a sign of me finally catching up to my age? No. The day I will be considered mature arrives when I will not fight over the front seat with my siblings.

And that day will probably never come.

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