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Monday, May 20, 2013

Interview #2: KYS Chartered Accountancy Programme

 The other day, I received a phone call from the Saad Foundation College/ KYS, or rather, my father did. Over the static noise, I managed to catch that they were offering me a chance to go for Chartered Accountancy Programme in New Zealand. I also got to know that my school sent me a list of hopeful candidates to them, which answered my question; HOW DID THEY GET MY NAME?

 So off I went to the Boulevard Office two days ago, with a bag in one hand and a blazer in the other. A few minutes earlier, on the road, a thought crossed my already occupied mind; since they received a list from the school, wouldn’t there bound to be other schoolmates of mine already waiting there? I seriously could not back out from this now. Going in the lift. I suppose there would just be 3 or 4 familiar faces. Stepped out on the 3rd floor and the first thing I noticed? Two rows of familiar faces, staring at me. What a pleasant surprise. What was more surprising was the fact that in a room of 50, 60 candidates, only one were wearing a blazer. Guess who that was?

Answer: The idiot on the left.

The screen was this far. And that small. Would you believe that? D:

 After catching up with friends during the briefing (We were too far from the screen to pay attention to the video. And playing it twice does not make it more appealing. Which is what they did, BTW.), we headed to the food a level below. I had a laugh when my blurheaded mate Uzair accidentally brought the wrong result slip, before heading off to another building to prepare for the interview that awaited us. Well, some of us did, because I wanted to ask the people from the first session how it went, and I forced Uzair to tag along.

 The type of interview was a group interview; we were all separated into 5 groups of 2 – 5 people and 3 sessions, all lasting around 30 minutes. The interviewers would hand us a card, containing 6 questions, and we would have to unanimously pick one and discuss about it, before finally giving the interviewers a piece of our mind. Yeah, so when my turn arrived, only one other turned up, him and I making up A2. Now I know you might be going, ‘Hey, isn’t that advantageous for you? Less people, less competition.’ I have to agree, this situation would have been great... If he wasn’t as blur as Uzair.  

 I tried to engage in a conversation with him throughout the interview, but it seemed that his mind wasn’t completely there. It was hard to try to continue talking when your partner is only responding shortly. (BTW, Uzair and Haziq, if you happen to chance upon this, I don’t despise you two. Love you guys. As friends, of course.) After awkwardly choosing ‘What is the ideal age of dating?’ among the topics at hand, we uncomfortably discussed in front of the interviewers. It was over, at last, and I confirmed my earlier suspicions that one of them was a familiar person; we had met at a educational roadshow at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

 And that was how my interview #2 went. It was better than the first one, because I didn’t fumble over my words as much, and the KYS interviewers were much more relaxed. :D I hope all future interviews would go on like this. But I’m pretty sure my wish wouldn’t come true.

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  1. hey just reading about this entry. Do you mind Im asking? okayh actually I was called by this creature too. I dont know what on earth were they approaching me with but I can see that they were inviting me to this camp same as yours. Can u tell me what about it. Is it worth on going this camp and what did u get from this camp actually

    plase answer my question on any comment on my entry in this blog : thanks