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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Visiting Sri Lanka - Day 1: Settling Down

 Today’s the day we finally fly to Sri Lanka; the last stepping stone of our humanitarian project, Bridging the Gap. What is Bridging the Gap all about? It's basically a class project to help the people of Sri Lanka. You can check out more by visiting BTG's Facebook page here.

 I woke up late today. It would have been fine, if not for the fact that we had a flight to catch. And then it went slightly downhill. Our luggage exceeded the limit given at the baggage drop, resulting in us having to bring half of our bags onto the plane. I got half of my toiletries confiscated because of this (Don't blame me if I spend my following days looking dishevelled). On the upside, being in this situation really helps in teaching me to be patient and coolheaded. 

 The Sri Lankan heat blasted at me by surprise, though the welcome given which is just as warm was expected. It felt just like Malaysia. The sights that passed by the window on the way to lunch also had a kampong vibe which then gave way to a more Muar-like atmosphere. I was amazed at how much it feels like home. We then spent 6 hours dozing off in the bus as we set off for Hanbantota, the district where we will spend most of our week in.

Highlight of the day: When the plane landed, the air crew handed out arrival cards for foreigners to fill in and hand over to the immigration counter. As the steward walked through the aisle, he looked at me. I expected him to give me one, since I was a Malaysian.

He left, thinking that I was a Sri Lankan. *cries*

 And that’s it for me today. Take a look at the photos I took below. There'll be more posted by the BTG team at our Facebook page, so stay tuned. Pray for our success. Over and out.

Going to Sri Lanka on a hangul-covered plane.
The gateway to the rest of the world.
Oh wow, I've always wanted the chance to buy expensive Milo.
The girls having a photoshoot session while waiting for the others.

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