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Thursday, March 7, 2013

What I Learned From Promoting Things People Fear

Credit card, anyone?

 Greetings, people. Some of you may have wondered why I have disappeared for a month, right after I decided to update frequently. Most of you probably did not care about my wellbeing. XD I have to confess, I did something no one like me would ever dare to do during January.

I got a flipping job. As a flipping credit card promoter.

 “My gosh”, people tell me, “are you out of your flipping mind?” Well, looking back, yes, I was out of my mind, grabbing an offer to torture myself physically and mentally. By working, I inadvertently spent my well earned relaxation period doing something useful and beneficial for once, which was sickeningly awful, as I had planned to devote my precious few months to lounging around, watching endless TV soaps, and gaining a few extra pounds.

 But what’s past is past. Anyways, back to point. I decided to share my experience of working life to everyone, and tips on how to sail through smoothly. J

1)      Punctuality is Key
 Now, we all know punctuality is a very, very essential aspect of life. You need to be on time for everything, lest you want to miss the bus, overcook your meal, and get dumped by your BF/GF. All sorts of unfortunate consequences could happen, even if you were a little bit late. In this case, you can get a fine.

 The concept is like this: You rent a space at a shopping mall; you abide by the rules, one of them being ‘You will pay for not opening your stall on time, literally.’ A colleague of mine, being the usually late person he is, didn’t get the memo, and was slapped with a fine upon arrival. Luckily, the manager and he were on good terms, and thus he was let off with a slight warning.

2)      Keep Your Patience (Don’t Blow Your Top Off So Fast)
 One thing we all dread, not only in the promoting services, but in almost every type of job, are those unrelenting customers, who try to force you to drive up your wall and become all Hulkish with a few screws loose. During my stint, I was met with many bemused faces stabbing my already fragile confidence, their ruthless glares sucking out every single drop of pride you had in you. At times, I was met with so many ‘No’s and ‘I don’t want’s and lies such as the usual ‘I have already’ line, that the anger starts to build up in me, to the point that I could barely keep the rage from overflowing and affect innocent people. But then I think of my job, and I’m back to normal. XD

3)      Study (Really, I’m Not Joking)
 You’d think that once you get out of school, you’d finally be free from all those horrid memorizing. But no, you can’t escape the clutches of the process. Sorry to break it to you. It’s reality. :/

 One of the important things you really need when you are promoting something is adequate information. Study on everything you need to know about the product. Don’t end up like me. The first week was full of hems and haws coming out from my mouth as the customers asked the frequently asked questions. When people see promoters being so clueless about the products they’re hopelessly persuading others to buy, they lose all faith in said product, and BAM! No sale. Trust me, I’ve been in that situation tons of time.

4)      Store Your Personal Problems Somewhere Else
 Imagine this; you had a fight with your parents, just an hour before your work starts. When you arrive, you are immediately handed an urgent, yet important project that requires composed thinking to steer it to success. They gave it to you, a being currently emotionally unstable. What do you think will happen? Of course you managed to get it right from the get go, increasing the reputation of the company, and also the popularity among your colleagues- Oops, sorry. I read that wrongly. It was the opposite of that.

 Moral of the story: Don’t let your personal issues affect your work time. They cloud your judgement, and it’ll also lead to other undesirable consequences.

5)      Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting Into
 This is very, VERY important in guaranteeing the satisfaction of your work time. Don’t, and I say DO NOT, just pounce on someone’s offer blindly. Look into the fine print, like the terms and conditions that you have to obey, or else you could be a snared into a pit of despair, flailing helplessly as you stand among the streams of unimpressed people, clocking in overtime without a raise in salary. Like me. D’:

 Although, in my defense  I would like to point the finger to my baby brother, the one who kindly dragged me to the start of it all, knowing full well that my spectacles were in repair, therefore I can’t see well, and can’t think well. <------- excuse="" lame="" man="" s="">

Mm-hmm, I guess that's all the worthwhile advises I got in me to share with you people. Follow these tips, and I guarantee, you'll be able to keep your job, unlike this sad job-loser.

 Oh, didn't I mention it to you? I got kicked out of the promoting service for not having enough sales. Guess I'm not cut out for promotion.